Cookie policy

1. How visit Balearics uses cookies
identify users who have previously visited the site and tailor search and service to the users in accordance with the authentication,
- enable users to browse the site, e.g. by storing information about previous actions,
- promote and improve the performance of the website by providing information about its use,
- publish advertisement to users, and
- store and send notifications about the number of users and how often the website is visited. 

Visit Balearics also uses Google Analytics from Google. Google Analytics is a digital marketing tool that collects information anonymously and compares data with previous periods. Google Analytics also provides reports on advances on websites without distinguishing individual users or personal information. To monitor users’ interaction with the site, Google Analytics uses its own cookies. In this regard, Visit Balearics makes a requirement to publish advertisers through the Google remarketing system. If a user does not want to see such ads, he can turn off cookies.

2. Disable the use of cookies
Users always have the option to set their web browsers to turn off cookies, so cookies will not be saved or the web browser requests user permission first. This may reduce access to certain sites on the website or to the website entirety.

3. How long are the cookies on users computer/smarthpone?
Cookies may be stored on users’ computers for a maximum of 24 month from the time the user visited the website.

4. Visit balearics processing of personal data
All personal data that comes with the use of cookies will be processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Visit Balearics declares that such information will not be processed for any purpose other than above. In addition, the data will not be stored for longer than necessary based on the purpose of processing. Personal data of users will not be sent to third parties unless otherwise ordered by law.